5 Essential Tips for Your First Time

The first time you have sex can be a nerve-shattering experience. Since you hit puberty, you’ve had thoughts about sex and always wondered what it was like. You’ve probably seen sex scenes in movies or heard your friends talk about it, but nothing can prepare you for the experience of actually having sex yourself for the first time. Rather than listening to gossip or myths about sex, you need to take some common-sense advice. The health and safety of the experience are far more important than anything else. Unfortunately, most of the gossip that revolves around sex does not even bother to mention health and safety. Below you will find 5 realistic tips that will touch upon how to be safe and healthy while having sex for the first time.

No Feelings of Pressure – A lot of virgins are anxious to lose their virginity quickly because they think society will look down upon them if they don’t lose it before a certain age. You must remember that you are in control of your own body and you should not have sex unless you truly respect the person you’re planning to have sex with. That way, after the sex is over with, you’ll have no feelings of regret.

Boundaries – You and your partner must both be consenting to the sex without any reservations or worries. If one of you does not feel enthusiastic about having sex, then it is best to avoid having it until those uncertain feelings are resolved. And if you do decide to have sex, the boundaries of what kind of sexual acts are acceptable and which ones are not must be discussed.

Stay Real – Most virgins who have sex will try to mimic a love scene they saw in a movie, perhaps even a scene from a porn movie. Real sex is usually not like anything you’ve seen in movies. Besides, since this is your first time having sex, you wouldn’t be able to master the stamina and ability of the porn stars in those movies who have sex for a living. So, just stick to basic straight sex and don’t get kinky or complicated with it.

Birth Control – Unless you’re having sex for the first time on your wedding night, there is no sense in going without birth control if you’re about to engage in premarital sex. In most cases, the first person you have sex with will not be someone that you’d want to raise a child with for the next two decades. So, be cautious and always make sure the female uses birth control and the male uses a condom.

STD Tests – There are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases out there such as herpes and HIV. Although your partner might say they are clean, it is always best to have them do an STD test prior to having sex with them. This might seem extreme but it is worth it because if you were to contract an STD, it will be with you for life. Contraceptives are good to use, of course, but they are not full proof. Therefore, get the tests done anyway.