Best "Online Dating Username" Ideas

When you first create your online dating profile, pay close attention to the username that you choose for your account. This username will be the very first thing that other members will see when they scroll through different profiles. Usually, the username appears right underneath the main profile photo. This username can be just as important as the photo because if it is clever enough, people will feel interested in checking out your complete profile. Below are 5 clever usernames for men and 5 clever usernames for women. The username you create should be funny and creative just like these.

1) YogaCutie – Let’s say you are interested in yoga and think of yourself as attractive. You could create the username “YogaCutie” to symbolize this part of yourself. You are combining an interest of yours with a physical characteristic that you possess. This means if your potential match is interested in yoga too, then that is something you both have in common right off the bat.

2) TrekkieNerd – Anyone who is rather nerdy and has a favorite television show, like Star Trek, will want to express that in their username. TrekkieNerd will give off the impression that you are a fan of Star Trek and like science fiction movies and television shows. Although this might turn off some people, you will at least be getting responses from matches who may also be nerds for Star Trek.

3) FunnyShyGuy – Sometimes you can get away with putting three words in your username as long as they are short and catchy. “FunnyShyGuy” tells people three different things about you and it is fun to say the name. Funny shows that you can make others laugh, which is always a positive trait. Then, “ShyGuy” shows that you’re a guy who has trouble talking to women. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either because a lot of girls like shy guys.

4) YankeesMan – Some people express their love for sports in their username. If you are a man who loves baseball and your favorite team is the New York Yankees, then a name like “YankeesMan” would suit you fine. You can apply this method of name creation to any sport or sporting team.

5) BarbBiz – A business oriented person who is an entrepreneur may define themselves this way in their username. A woman named Barbara who owns a business, for example, may want to call herself “BarbBiz” to symbolize this important part of her life.