Can You Date Someone Less Intelligent Than You?

When teenagers are taught about dating, the topic usually revolves around sex and why it is important to be safe with it. But what many grownups fail to teach their children and young ones is the importance of finding somebody who has similar characteristics and traits as you do. The most important trait that should be similar is intellect. If one person in a relationship has a highly intellectual personality and the other one does not, the relationship is bound to fail if it is based on communication and conversations. Now if your relationship is merely physical and based only on sex, then it is still going to fail eventually because looks fade after a while and soon you and your partner will want to find someone younger and better looking. The only way to save this relationship would be to use your intellect.

Before you go examining if your partner is intellectual, you must first figure out if you are an intellectual yourself. A lot of people like to assume they are an intellectual but are you really? Don’t think about the score of your IQ test or what kind of grades you got in college or high school. An intellectual is merely somebody who talks about things that are important. It is someone who cares about political, academic, and social issues which affect all our lives. If you can carry a conversation on these topics, then chances are you’re an intellectual.

Now, the next thing you need to figure out is if you want a partner who can communicate with you about these important issues. If you do, then chances are that you’re looking for a long-term relationship with that person and not just a casual relationship. But do they want the same thing? You need to figure out what they want from the relationship too. If it is just casual for them and you don’t want that, then move on to someone else.

The only way any long-term relationship is going to last is if your intellect can almost match the intellect for your partner. Otherwise, you two are going to drift off into two different social circles because you won’t be able to carry a conversation or discuss anything that is of importance to you. How long do you think a relationship like that will last? So, just get your priorities together and then choose whether you care more about short-term sex or long-term love and intelligence.