Funny Online Dating Quotes

People can have good experiences and bad experiences with online dating. The trick is to not let the bad experiences keep you down when trying to find the right person for you online. In the meantime, you should look for a way to lift your spirits and stay positive. One way that works well is to read funny quotes which are related to online dating. These are quotes from an array of people such as online dating experts, memes from the internet, and comedians. Just read these quotes to yourself whenever you’re feeling like online dating is not going great for you. Below are 5 of the best quotes to keep with you at all times.

1) "Online dating and online shopping are practically the same things. The only difference is that online dating is full of merchandise that no one else wants and yet, you still have to pay $50 per month to get it." This funny quote was inspired by comedian Phil Pivnick. The meaning of the quote suggests that people searching for dates online are usually the most undesirable people out there. So, when you go signing up for a premium membership which usually costs around $50 per month, you are paying to contact people who are not even dating material.

2) "Now instead of having my love life be crushed in person, I can now have it crushed in the privacy of my own home." People use online dating services with the hopes of finding their dream partner. This quote suggests that online dating can still result in a crushed heart just like it can in regular life. The only difference is that you don’t even have to leave your home to get your heart crushed.

3) "If I meet someone offline and their appearance looks nothing like the photo in their profile, they are required to buy me drinks until they do look like their photo." Most people will put up the best picture of themselves in their online dating profile. Perhaps they were thinner or better dressed in the picture than they are in the present. This quote is saying that if you get surprised by the uglier appearance of your date, they should purchase you enough drinks until you see them as looking just as attractive as their profile picture.

4) "Tinder is more like the crystal method version of online dating." Tinder is a social search app which allows you to find people in your local area who share similar interests as you. It is also used as an online dating app too. Unfortunately, Tinder has a bad reputation for encouraging more casual sex and less actual dating.

5) "Out of all the characteristics that we share, literacy is apparently not one of them." Online dating profiles let users list their characteristics and traits. But one thing that turns people off is if they see spelling or grammar mistakes in the person’s description of themselves. This quote is hinting this to the other user.