His Thoughts on the First Date

As a woman, it can feel exciting and nerve-racking during the first few weeks that you date a man. Something that may drive you crazy is wondering about what the man is thinking of on these dates. This will especially be the case if things seem to be going well with the man and then he just dumps you out of the blue. Why would he do that? Was he just looking for a sexual relationship and then he gave up because you were not offering one?

To understand what men may be thinking, you must first understand that men and women think differently on their first couple of dates. Women have the mindset of overthinking the relationship with the man just because he shows her kindness and generosity early on. As a result, she’ll start taking the relationship a lot more seriously than the man does. If you do this with the man, you will end up having a lot more expectations about the relationship. Once you make these expectations known to the man, he will feel too pressured and will likely want to walk away altogether. Therefore, try to remain casual and not think too deeply about the relationship. Wait for the man to make the first moves. That is the only way you will know how they feel about you.

If a man is interested in you after the first date, they will ask you for another date. The beauty part about being a woman is that women are not expected to ask for additional dates. This is the job of the man so if they don’t ask you out again, then it means they are not interested in you. But even if he does ask you out again, don’t assume that he wants to get serious with the relationship. The man may just want to get to know you more and spend additional time with you going to different places and having different experiences together.

If you’ve been dating the man for a few months and things seemed to be going well for you two, then you should have a discussion with him about dating exclusively. After all, you may not know if he has been seeing other women or not, since your relationship with him is still new. So, if you make your feelings known to him and not play any games, he will come clean and tell you how he truly feels. If he wants to go exclusively with you, then you both can take the relationship to the next level. If he says that he’d rather be friends, you should accept that answer too and not let it get you down. At least you’ll know where you stand so you can determine whether you should start seeing other guys to find the romance that you’re looking for.