How to Be a Good Girlfriend

If you want to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend, it is a lot easier than you think. Of course, you should only try being a good girlfriend if they try being a good boyfriend. For example, if you’re with some dominating guy that expects you to give him oral sex every night, that doesn’t mean you should comply with his wishes. There needs to be a mutual respect in the relationship before you try being a better girlfriend. Below are 5 ways in which you can get started at being a better girlfriend.

Compliments - Men like compliments just as much as women do. Try not to be a bossy girlfriend who is always asking him to do chores around the house. If he wanted to listen to a woman demanding that he does chores, then he’d still be living with his mother. So, try to act like a girlfriend who appreciates her man. Compliment him a lot when he does something good. Then, he’ll feel compelled to do more things like chores on his own.

Accept Who He Is – Everyone has their faults. You may love your boyfriend even though he does things that annoy you. Perhaps he leaves dirty dishes in the sink or plays too many hours of video games. However, focus on the things you love about him and ask yourself, “Is he worth it?” If the answer is “yes,” then you should just accept who he is and the things he does which annoy you. He is likely doing the same thing with you too.

Positivity – Studies have shown that men notice women who are smiling and happy more than they do their appearance. You could be the most attractive woman in the world but if your personality stinks, your boyfriend is not going to want to put up with it for too much longer. That is why girls with great personalities often have more successful relationships with men.

Dress Attractive – Relationships are not supposed to be totally based on sex and physical attraction. However, it doesn’t hurt to dress attractively around your boyfriend. It will make him feel good when he looks at you and he’ll be proud that he has a woman like you in his life.

Contribute – Do not make your boyfriend feel like you are using him for money or security. Try to financially contribute just as equally into the relationship as your boyfriend. This might not seem old-fashioned, but times have changed and men and women are supposed to contribute 50/50 these days. That way, it will give the boyfriend peace of mind that you are with him because you like him and not for any other reason.