How to Politely Stop a Date Gone Bad

We all want to believe that dates will always be nice and positive experiences. But you must remember that dates are experiences where you get to learn about the other person and see who they really are. There is always the chance that a date is going to go bad, especially if you’re dating somebody for the first time. Perhaps their personality is unbearable because they act rude, ignorant, selfish, or simply have bad manners. Whatever the reason may be, you would have to come up with a way to get out of the date without being rude yourself. Otherwise, it could set them off and make them even more aggressive and rude toward you.

First impressions of people are often the most remembered. It is possible you could be going out with somebody who is just having a bad day on your first date. However, you don’t want to play detective and figure out why they are acting rude. You just want to get out of the date as quickly as possible. So, just come up with an excuse for why you must leave suddenly. Once you leave, the date may call you back later on and apologize for their behavior. If they don’t, then avoid them at all costs.

Now you may be nervous about hurting your date’s feelings by breaking away suddenly. But did they care about your feelings when they were being rude and obnoxious toward you? What you want to do is show them the same consideration that they showed you. If they had no regard for your feelings, then don’t worry about how they’re going to feel when you suddenly come up with an excuse for breaking the date. Chances are that you’ll never see them again anyway.

Of course, you’ll want to do the polite thing and pay for at least 50% of the bill if you’re at a restaurant. The only exception to this is if your date is just totally nasty and unbearable to be around for another second. This is the kind of nastiness that even people sitting nearby can see and hear. In this situation, just get up and walk out without making any more consideration toward your date. Clearly, they are not worth it.

In all other scenarios, the date is probably trying to act respectful but you realize that you don’t have chemistry with them and just want to break the date because you know it is not going to go anywhere. In this case, you’ll want to be extremely polite when you break it off. Just look at your smartphone and act like someone just texted you about something important. Perhaps your boss needs to see you or your kid just got into trouble at school. Just make up some excuse like that to tell your date so that it is believable. After that, pay for your portion of the meal, shake your date’s hand, and tell them “It was nice to meet you. Take care.” Do not tell them goodbye because then they’ll feel compelled to ask if they can call you again. If they do ask, tell them you’ll get back to them if you’re available. Then just don’t get back to them. They’ll eventually get the hint.