Simple Tricks to Boost Your Attractiveness

Physical beauty is the first thing that people notice about others. But it doesn’t always mean they are a beautiful person because they could easily have a lousy personality on the inside. On the other hand, you could meet someone who isn’t the most physically attractive person on the outside, but then they can start to become more physically attractive to you as you get to know them better. Some of the most attractive qualities of a person are their overall personality, sense of humor, their interest in who you are, similar hobbies, favorite foods, and so on. Once you get to learn all these things about someone, you might look at them completely different than you did when you first met them.

With that being said, you must apply these same principles to your online dating experience. Do not just judge another member based on the picture in their profile or what they say to you in chat messages. You need to actually meet them in person and get to know what they’re really like. The University of Kansas did a research study into this and the results showed that most people’s perceptions of others will change after a simple 10-minute conversation with them in-person. This doesn’t mean going on Skype and having a video chat with someone, although that can be helpful in the beginning stages. When you truly want to get to know someone, you must meet them in-person and talk with them face-to-face. From there, you can gain a whole new perception of their attractiveness.

However, do not wait too long to meet a potential match. It is okay to text chat, talk on the phone, and video chat for a few weeks or even a few months. But after that, you need to arrange a face-to-face meeting or else the relationship cannot possibly go anywhere. Otherwise, you will just build a fantasy in your mind of what this person might be like. Then if you ever do meet them, they will likely be different than what you pictured they would be. So, get that meet-up going as soon as you can.

Overall, you’ll just want to find someone who has a good personality and that you enjoy talking to up close. The feelings of attraction will either be there between the two of you or they won’t. At least this way, you will know the truth and you won’t have to wait and wonder if they are the one for you or not. And finally, give each potential match a fair chance. Don’t compare people’s profiles and see which one has more similar interests listed. Sometimes members just won’t bother filling out all this information so you don’t want to be too judgmental of them based on their profile alone. A meetup is the best way to judge if they are right for you.