Successful Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships have a reputation from not working out. This is understandable because when a couple is separated by hundreds or thousands of miles between them, they miss the communication and physical interactions that make relationships so terrific. However, it is still possible for long distance relationships to last if both partners put a lot of effort into it. Since 3% of married Americans are in long distance relationships, it is even more important for them to work it out properly.

One way to make long distance relationships work is to use technology to communicate with your partner. We are lucky to be living in the communication age where we can communicate with our partners through email, video chat, telephone, instant messages, and text messages. Since the key to making any relationship work is communication, use technology in order to sustain that communication between you and your partner. This is the best way to give life to your long-distance relationship.

Communication does not just mean keeping in touch and telling each other about your days. You need to open up about your feelings and whether the long-distance relationship is bothering you. This must be done through the phone or video chat so that they can hear the tone of your voice when you speak. You don’t want to risk any miscommunication about a serious topic by discussing it through text messages or emails. It is better to discuss serious topics as soon as possible before they turn into something worse in the future. The sooner you discuss it, the faster a resolution can be made by both of you.

Long distance couples need to have trust for their partners. It can be easy to assume that your partner is off somewhere having a good time with another man or woman. If you don’t have trust for your partner, these thoughts are going to drive you crazy. Then you’ll start to get mad at your partner without knowing for sure if they were with someone. The best way to overcome this is to schedule a time for when you’ll see each other again. When you do see each other, you will know if your partner is truly happy to see you by observing their actions and how excited they are during your time together. On the other hand, these meetups should not feel like vacations or special occasions that are not going to last. There needs to be some future plan where you two will eventually be together in the same location and possibly under the same roof.