The Hardest Type of Personality to Date

When you come across a person in your life that is unreasonable, rude, or weird, you might call them crazy. But in the therapeutic world, these strange people might be classified as having a personality disorder. The two most common ones are Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Sometimes when people act difficult or troublesome to you, they might have one of these personality disorders which could be to blame for it. However, the worst personality disorder someone can have is multiple personality disorder. This is when a person possesses personality traits from each type of personality disorder. Imagine dating someone like that? It would only end in disaster for both of you.

What you want to look out for on a date are signs that the person may have some traits of a personality disorder. The easiest ones to recognize are if the person says or does narcissistic things. Maybe they have a highly superior opinion of themselves where they think they’re better than everyone else. They may not even take responsibility for any of the mean things they say or do. Most of all, the person may lack any empathy for the pain others are feeling, whether they caused that pain or not. These are all narcissistic traits and if your date has them, then do not go out with them again. Narcissism is a personality disorder that is likely the worst kind out there.

Two other personality disorders that are also unpleasant in dates is antisocial personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. Antisocialism is when a person has no regard for other people or their feelings. They’ll show no remorse or empathy for anyone else’s suffering and they’ll lie at every chance to get what they want. A borderline personality disorder is when someone has deep emotions that change very quickly. One hour they may be very positive and upbeat about their opinions and the next hour they may be totally negative and go against everything they just said in the previous hour.

If a date had just one of these personality disorders, you’d probably go running for the hills. Now imagine if they had all three of these disorders rolled up into one mind. You’ll see the person lying constantly, acting superior, breaking the rules, and shifting their emotions regularly throughout the day. Most people suffering from any personality disorder have a tough time of hiding it from the world. More than likely, you’ll notice these traits after going on a few dates with a person.