The Warning Signs That Depression is Affecting Your Relationship

Depression can be hard on any relationship, whether one partner has it or both partners. Mental health is always going to be a key issue for any relationship to deal with. If at least one person in the relationship is always unhappy and miserable, that negative energy is going to bring down the other person’s spirits too. Then, they’ll likely want to leave their depressed partner because they keep making them depressed. If not, then both partners stay in a relationship that is unsatisfactory and constantly joyless. Below is a list of the 5 main ways in which relationships are affected by depression.

No Interests – A depressed person will have little to no interests in doing anything. In fact, they won’t even be interested in their partner’s well-being or care about what they are doing. This will turn the partner off and likely make them look somewhere else for affection and understanding.

Low Energy – Do you always feel tired? Do you have no desire to socialize or talk to people? This feeling of low energy will make you and your partner feel very isolated because you won’t want to go anywhere or do anything.

Unpleasant Time – The time you do spend with your partner will be unpleasant for both of you. If the two of you do strike up a conversation, you’ll just be negative about everything and have nothing nice or positive to say.

No Sex – The first big sign of depression is when you’re not interested in having sex with your partner. Your low sex drive may be due to a psychological disconnect with your partner or perhaps something else outside of your relationship is bringing you down and you’re letting it affect your sex life.

Self-Destructive or Abusive – Possibly the most serious sign of depression in a relationship is when you are doing things that harm yourself or your partner. The early signs are drinking too much alcohol or overeating and not caring about your appearance. If this trend continues, it will eventually lead to you being violent with your partner and blaming them for why you feel so miserable, even if it is not really their fault.

THE SOLUTION: The easy solution to depression in a relationship would be to go see a psychiatrist or get couples counseling. However, the real changes must come from the depressed person. They need to have a desire to change and want to feel better for their sake and for their partner’s sake. The best way to get started is to take care of yourself, be honest with your partner, and find a healthy way to relieve your depression. Exercising in the morning, for example, helps a lot of depressed people feel better throughout the rest of the day. It allows those endorphins to get released from the central nervous system and relax the body and the mind.