The Worst Dating Advice Ever: 5 Tips to Never Follow

Everyone pretends to be an expert on dating but few people actually have the experience to back up what they’re saying. This means there is a lot of bad dating advice floating around that newbies tend to listen to, unfortunately. This could be bad advice coming from their friends, family or peers at their workplace or school. To prevent yourself from taking this advice, below are the five worst pieces of dating advice that you should recognize right away as bad. That way, you don’t make the mistake of following the advice and ruining the chances of having a successful date.

Be Yourself – A popular piece of advice is to tell someone to “be themselves” on a date. But what if you’re a guy who is shy and likes to play video games? It wouldn’t really help you to be yourself on a date in this case, would it? This doesn’t mean you must lie to your date about who you are. Just try to work toward being a better person who is interesting and fun to be around. Everyone has this ability if they simply try.

Go with the Marrying Type – People think it’s good to warn others about dating someone who is not interested in marriage. After all, if they aren’t looking for a husband or wife, then they must be after sex only. This is not true. Someone you just start dating might not be ready to commit yet. However, if they come to realize you’re the right one, then maybe they’ll become the marrying type. So, doesn’t cut out those who aren’t marriage material at the beginning of the relationship.

Aim High – Women are often told to aim high in their choices with men and to never settle for anyone less than perfect. That means the guy must be cute, handsome, rich, and well-dressed. However, a guy like this might not necessarily click with you on an emotional level. If you’re not willing to date guys whose social status might not be the highest, then you will likely never find someone who is compatible for you. For this reason, you can settle for less because sometimes less is really more.

Give Too Many Compliments– It is nice to flatter your date with a few compliments about their appearance or life, but don’t overdo it. If you give too many compliments then your date will think you’re trying too hard. This will then give them the impression that you don’t really mean your compliments and are just trying to get something from them. Always be nature with your compliments and make sure they are genuine rather than forced.

Give Orders – Sometimes men are told that women love guys who are forceful and orderly. The truth is that women do not like to be told what to do any more than men do. You need to treat a woman the way you would want to be treated.