Three Resolutions for Dating That You Should Aim For

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions before but dating resolutions are more important to make if you want to improve your social life. Anyone who is single obviously has a problem when it comes to dating. Therefore, they need to set goals for themselves that pertain to dating. This will give them an incentive to try harder at dating and to not give up.

You should make three dating resolutions for the year which will increase your chances of finding a good date. The first resolution is to go out with one new person in January, February, and March. This will give you the chance to meet three different people before the year has really gotten started. Your goal here is to just meet new people and get to know them without any intention of it turning romantic. This is basically giving you practice at dating so that you can improve your social skills on future dates.

The second dating resolution of the year is to go out with someone that you wouldn’t normally want to go out with. This doesn’t mean go out with obnoxious jerks or anything like that. Instead, go out with someone who might not meet your particular physical preferences. For example, if you are a woman who likes tall guys then try dating shorter guys. If you’re a Caucasian man who only dates Caucasian women, then try dating outside of your race and see where it goes. Although you might have reservations about this at first, you may end up finding out that you have more in common with the people you thought were different than you. Expanding your preferences on a date will help you meet more people and increase your chances of dating success.

The third dating resolution is to go out on an original date that breaks the traditional dating routine. In other words, don’t just keep taking your date out to dinner or a movie. Try something more interesting with your date. Perhaps you could go skating at a skating rink or go to a carnival and go on some rides together. Do some kind of activity on your date that is more fun and interesting than just sitting together at a table and eating. You may even want to incorporate exercise into the date by going on a 5-mile bike ride or hiking in the woods. These are the kinds of experiences that will be memorable to both of you and it will allow each of you to see a different side of each other too.