Tips to Successfully Flirt with Girls Online

There is no denying that guys like to go on the internet to flirt with girls. It is the one way for guys to approach girls and communicate how they truly feel to them without embarrassment or shyness. Guys will usually say things to girls online that they would never have the guts to tell them in real life. However, if you want to truly attract a woman to you over the internet, you should avoid acting like a pervert or sex fiend. Girls are still girls and they are looking for a good guy just like you are looking for a good girl. So, try to act respectful while still being flirtatious.

Firstly, when you find a girl online that you want to talk to and possibly flirt with, start the conversation with a nice greeting like “Hello, how are you?” or “Greetings, would you like to chat?” Avoid starting conversations that have internet slang in it or make you come across as someone who just wants to have sex. This means avoid typing something like “Ur cute,” “Hey, there,” “What up,” “A/S/L,” and so on. Try typing complete sentences and avoid getting too personal too quickly. Just conduct a friendly chat with them in the same way that you would want to do in real life.

The key to being a good flirt with girls online is to be a good listener. Try not to talk about yourself too much unless the girl asks you questions about yourself. However, most girls like to talk about themselves more and you would score a lot of points if you keep the conversation going about them and their life. Again, don’t ask anything too personal unless they are already getting personal with you. Just ask follow-up questions to whatever they are saying so that they know you’re truly interested in them and not just looking for sex.

After you have chatted with the girl for some time, you can become a little playful with them. Remember that flirting doesn’t necessarily mean you act promiscuous or sexual in any way. Sometimes flirting just means you make jokes and have a relaxed conversation with the girl. Most girls like guys who show they have a good sense of humor and are willing to just be relaxed and patient with them. It also wouldn’t hurt to be complimentary to the girl. You could tell her something like “Nice profile picture” or “You went to that school? Awesome.” This all may take some practice but eventually, you’ll figure out the right rhythm of flirtation.