Ways to Spot Fake Dating Profiles

It is a shame that scammers must take advantage of sweet innocent people who are just looking for love online. Studies show that 10% of all online dating profiles are not authentic. Because of this, people are conned out of more than $50 million annually because of these scams. The victims generally are a bit older and are not aware of the warning signs to watch out for online. Below are 5 ways you can tell if someone is trying to scam you or not through their online dating profile

1) Foreign Countries – If your online dating match comes from a third world country like the Philippines or Nigeria, then this should be an instant red flag. These are nations where scammers are often from. They pretend to be interested in you and then eventually tells you a sob story about being sick or dying. That way, you’ll feel compelled to send them money to get better. The only problem is once you do, you’ll never hear from them again.

2) Empty Profiles – If the online dating member has not even taken the time to fill out their profile information completely, then they are probably some scammer who is making a lot of accounts very quickly. Usually, they’ll just fill in the basic information like name, location, and age. If that’s all you see, then look at other profiles and stay away from that one.

3) Spelling & Grammar Errors – Sometimes people from foreign countries might pretend to be from your country. The problem is their English literacy is so weak that you’ll see grammar and spelling mistakes just about everywhere in their profile. If you were to send them a message, you’d likely see the same mistakes in their reply messages to you too.

4) One Photo Only – An online dating profile with only one photo is likely a fake profile or a scammer. They could have easily taken this photo from a stock image website or from someone else’s profile. If the photo is stolen, scammers will typically just take one photo and not a bunch. That way, they don’t draw attention to themselves and they keep the real owner of the photo in the dark. Therefore, only trust profiles which have a variety of different photos showing the same person in them.

5) Generic Messages – Scammers may use generic sounding statements or messages in their online dating profiles. Since they are creating a lot of fake profiles, they’ll try to be clever and fill in the same description in every profile without getting into specifics about themselves. Stay away from these profiles because they are definitely fake.