This is how Austin video chat room brought me to SXSW

Everyone knows what SXSW is, right? If not – try googling “South by Southwest”, it will surely be interesting for you. Anyway, I like webcam chatting almost as much as I love those types of festivals. It gave me an idea – what if I could find myself a guide or even some friends in an Austin Texas chat room?

That appeared to be quite easy, so I got online and started checking out people in Austin singles chat. I was single by that time, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a pretty female guide – I thought. In about two hours of chatting I already met seven girls, who could accompany me to the SXSW! My settings were “cam only” chatting, so I could easily tell if I would agree or not. I proceeded discussing the time of my arrival with Austin chat girls and eventually I chose one blonde named Mary-Ann, who offered me a ride from the Bergstrom International airport. Anyway, I decided to spend some more time talking to this video chat Austin girl.

I couldn’t believe my luck! Just two hours in a video chat en Austin room (yeah, the first room I got was es – espanol!), and I got myself a “guide” (if you know what I mean) with a car! We proceeded chatting for some three hours more, getting to know each other. Mary-Ann promised me to show all the peculiarities of her native city, including Texas Memorial Museum, Sixth Street and The Enchanted Forest.

When I left this chat Austin room, I already had my boarding passes on the smartphone and my flight was booked for the first of March.

The first thing I did, when we landed, was starting a chat in Austin from my smartphone. I greeted Mary-Ann who found it very amusing, that I was talking to her online being just a few hundred yards far. She brought me home so I could rest a little bit and then we went for a walk around the city. I’m not sure what was better – all the museums and concerts we attended, or the fact that the last of Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead” movies had a pre-premiere at SXSW! We enjoyed every bit of this bloody and gory trash!

This story won’t end without a good advice for everyone out there. Check this out, guys – I met a pretty girl in and Austin video chat room, went to SXSW festival and had a lot of fun. What holds you back from chatting online with your webcam when you’re up for some travelling? It really helps, as you can see! Besides, this is not my first time, you know. Read about my other trips and see how great cam chatting is.