First Charlotte Web Chat, then Charlotte Bobcats Game!

I’m a huge basketball fan since the time of such monsters as Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Grant Hill, Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson. I also appreciated MugsyBogues, because he was one of the shortest NBA players I knew. Remembering his great games in Charlotte Hornets period, I decided to visit the city for a game of their new team – Charlotte Bobcats.

As you might already know, I’m quite used to webcam chatting, as it may assist one in travelling greatly. What I did was opening a Charlotte video chat room to look for a few friends. I always thought that going alone to an NBA game was not a good idea.Anyway, I spent a few hours in different Charlotte chat rooms, before I found the right one – Charlotte roulette chat, where you never know who your cam partner would be. After seeing a few things you don’t want to know about, I met a girl named Courtney, who just sat there in a Charlotte Bobcats t-shirt! It appeared that she’s a fan and was just going to order tickets for the game. What do you know… Didn’t even have to look in the Charlotte singles chat!

Anyway, I told her my story and we decided to go together. The game between Charlotte Bobcats and Washington Bullets was going to be played at Time Warner Cable Arena. From some other people in Charlotte chat I learned that it was located in the uptown. That would mean calling a cab for me. In the video chat Charlotte people were quite pleasant, so I could easily get a few telephone numbers, including pizza, Chinese food delivery and taxi service.

Arriving in Charlotte Douglas International Airport, I already had my cab waiting for me. Had a game to see and a place to spend the night – isn’t that great? Courtney and her friends met me in a pub near the Time Warner Cable Arena, where we spent a few hours chatting, naturally. It appeared to us that we all met in a Charlotte video chat! Incredible, eh?

As for the game, I’d say that the Hornets were much moreinteresting to watch than these Bobcats. Or do I just feel old-school? Courtney didn’t disappoint me like that, though. Just to think – we met in a video chat en Charlotte just a week or so before the game…

As I always say – start webcam chatting, people! See how Charlotte web chat made my trip easier and more enjoyable? Everyone can do it and I urge them to! Scientists gave us such a perfect means of communication so we could employ it for our cause. My goal was getting company for a basketball game in Charlotte, North Carolina. What did I do? Went online in a Charlotte roulette chat and succeeded. You may not have the same thing for travelling as I do, but meeting new people around you is still so much easier online!