From Chicago Chat to the Windy City!

Let’s put it straight, guys – I never even planned a trip to Chicago. Not that I don’t like it, it’s a lovely city, been there four times. It’s just that everything started with me, sitting carelessly in a Chicago video chat room.Don’t even remember what exactly brought me there, probably just wanted some good old webcam roulette.

What I got there was not enjoyable at all! Some little guy started swearing at me, giving the finger and everything. Can you believe it? Just a kid, some Justin Beaver (heh-heh) fan, who decided it would be funny to get online in one of Chicago chat rooms and show off like he’s a “gangsta” or something.

Anyway, I remembered having a few friends in the Windy City. Guess what – met them in an a video chat Chicago room! Some time ago, I promised them I would come for a visit when I have a chance to. So, I burned a CD with the little gangsta’s webcam video chat record (my personal habit – having some of the chats recorder) and took a train to Chicago! Of all the chat rooms Chicago has to offer, that kid just had to find me…what luck, eh?

My trip to Chicago was fast enough – I arrived at the Union Station in a matter of few hours. The Wi-Fi point in the train allowed me to enjoy online chatting in a video chat en Chicago, telling people what I’m about to do. My friends met me in a Starbucks café near the station, and we went to look for the “gangsta”, knowing his address precisely with the help of Chicago chat admins.

What we did was priceless. The kid’s mom, let’s call her Victoria, listened to us carefully and said she wanted to see what’s on the CD. After having heard the language her 11-year old son was using, she became really upset. Victoria apologized for the little “gangsta’s” behavior and got us some tea, while we had to wait till her husband brings the little one from the school.

She met her husband, let’s call him Jerry and son, who we’ll just call gangsta, in the living room, while we were silent in the kitchen. Victoria offered them to watch something really funny together, and played our CD in front of them both! Too bad I couldn’t see the looks on gangsta’s face. The little guy got grounded for three months, while we had quite a pleasant time in a pub together with my friends, Victoria and Jerry.

Here’s a tip for you all – don’t think of webcam chatting as of a waste of time. What happens next may be that, alright, but online conversations are sometimes very productive. Also, don’t worry if some rude person gets on your nerves – just change the chat room, don’t go over there to retaliate, though it may be fun.