Visit a Dallas Chat, go find JFK’s killer…

Have you ever thought about this tragic story? John F. Kennedy was probably the best leader the USA ever had! He almost single-handedly prevented the Cold War from becoming Nuclear Apocalypse. Many of you would say they wanted it to happen, so you guys could live in a vault or walk around the wasteland looking for water chips or G.E.C.K., right? Well, yeah, power armor is cool too, but believe me – a nuclear war is something you wouldn’t like to happen. Just like mixing cucumbers and milk together.

So…who killed our 35th president? That’s exactly the kind of argument I witnessed in a group video chat en Dallas. Those guys were smart alright – most of them held all kinds of books in their hands, showing some texts to the others online through the webcam. What I did was simple – I acted as a mediator, telling them all those people in Dallas video chat room “Hey guys, what if I come there, you show me around and we try simple logical investigation?”. Again – of all the chat rooms Dallas had to offer, I just had to choose one that would make me go there!

Long story short – there I was in the Dallas Love Field airport. Funny name for an airport, I must say… Anyway – I took a cab and met those chat Dallas smart guys all ready to give me a tour! We started from the former Texas School Book Depository – the place where the communist Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly sat with a rifle and shot John F. Kennedy. Well, what can I say – I’m not a good shooter…can’t even play darts right, but a trained sniper would have little trouble shooting someone in the head from there. Those Dallas chat rooms dwellers told me that Oswald could be a KGB agent. I said it was quite possible – it’s a fact that the communist secret services had magnificent snipers during the Cold War.

Then we went around seeing all the signs over there on the road and you know what I remembered? Oswald was shot by an American secret service agent! Why? Those video chat Dallas guys had lots of hypotheses. What I thought was quite sad – what if Lee Harvey Oswald was our guy? What if some secret services had a cold war of their own, resulting in one of them assassinating the president of the United States? A fair assumption, don’t you think?

Again, look at me – from a Dallas video chat room to a casual investigation of our own. It’s amazing what people are ready to do when they hear you’re interested in what they think and have to say. I’ll probably have to live in Dallas in 2015, come visit my restaurant if you please! Gonna make a specialty that JFK loved the most.