Detroit video chat room – to Rock City!

Have you seen that movie? It’s called “Detroit Rock City” and shows four teenagers, whose final goal is going to Detroit for a KISS concert. The film is set in the 1978, showing us the Golden Age of rock culture.

Guess what – I went to a KISS concert in 2012 in Detroit after watching this movie twice! First of all, I decided to find myself some company with the help of video chat Detroit room. There’s nothing better for more enjoyable travelling than online webcam chatting! Anyway, eventually I met a girl named Veronica, who agreed to receive me, as long as I would cook godlike food for her. You know…the food in Detroit…it’s…well…yeah. Lots of people whom I met in a chat Detroit room say that even KFC there tastes like they’re frying chicken in motor oil. Well, who knows…

Anyway, the plane took me right to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, where I met Veronica. I forgot to tell you she was a big KISS fan, so when I looked at her I could tell that from the first glance. Leather and metal spikes all over her body, “Hah – they’d never let her fly” – I thought. She had a large scooter that kinda looked like a chopper. You know – those people who want a cool bike, but can’t even lift a lying monster from the ground…they sometimes buy these funny scooters that look like a Harley Davidson. First of all, we went to celebrate our meeting. Though my restaurant net doesn’t have a place in Detroit, I conducted my own research and showed her quite a nice BBQ. Their rare steaks are just marvelous with some Tabasco Jalapeno sauce. Then we went to the market to buy shrimps, wine and groceries for supper. Who knows how hungry we would be after the concert.

You know what’s truly amazing? Those guys are almost as old as my grandpa. But they still rock hard. One may ask, how can I, a jazz connoisseur, appreciate rock music? Easily – it shows the true power of art. Since the girls screaming in ecstasy on Elvis Presley performances, rock’n’roll has changed a lot, but its influence on people is still the same. It’s the music for those people, who enjoy life and want to live it all! Why wouldn’t I like such a form of art? Besides, I like KISS makeup, especially the Catman (Peter Criss originally, now – Eric Singer). As we came back to Veronica’s place, I made a light seafood supper and she actually admitted that it was the best thing she’d ever had.

This is a story of how a video chat en Detroit helped me enjoy every moment of my trip to Detroit – Rock City. What I’m trying to say is – don’t be afraid of webcam chatting. It’s fun! It is also very beneficial sometimes, allowing you to meet just the people you need, when you need them!