Video chat en El Paso? Never been there…

It’s true – though I’ve been to 47 states of the US and more than 300 cities of the world, I’ve never visited El Paso. Not that I didn’t like it or someway – I just couldn’t find a reason. Of course, I could make a tour while I went to Dallas, but I just didn’t get the idea. It’s funny, though, how one can meet people from all around the world without even getting out of his couch.

Being somewhere in New York, I could easily contact some random people in an El Paso video chat room and ask for assistance. With a webcam online, I would also be able to see if I would like their assistance or not.Have you ever thought of the amount of information being exchanged every day in the world? Let’s include all the p2p downloads, ip television, Wi-Fi and 3G Internet around you in the air. Terabytes?Petabytes? Sending your silly face to another side of the planet has become so easy that we don’t think of it as of a miracle anymore.

When my grandfather had to fly to the US from Italy in the year 1961, he had to order long-distance calls to arrange everything on the American side. When his flight got delayed, he didn’t even have a chance of contacting the receiving party. It’s a good thing that he had to spend around 14 hours in the air, giving everyone enough time to get ready.

Today I can call, e-mail or message in a blink of an eye. If I wanted to go to El Paso, I would read a few guides in the Internet and then go to video chat El Paso room, to find myself some friends in that city. That’s exactly how I like my trips – meeting local people and having a lot of fun with them.

By the way, you may be asking yourself a question – why would I think of El Paso now, not some other city in another state? The answer is easy enough…

A month ago I ordered some stuff on EBay. I like this site, because you can get all sorts of things, from the silver jewelry that I adore to collectible action figures and exotic knives. Anyway – the package was traced all the time, and I was a bit surprised, that going from Minnesota to New York, it went to El Paso and stayed there for two weeks without ANYONE knowing what was going on. That’s how I got to chat El Paso room and the idea to visit that place.

I probably will, especially knowing that I’ll spend all the winter in Dallas. That’s exactly when I’m going to look for random people online and enjoy cam chatting as well as find myself a guide and nice company in a new place. I say you do the same – who knows whom you’re going to meet.