Fort Worth chat – You’d never believe this…

None of you guys who don’t know me would ever guess what brought me to Fort Worth after my trip to Dallas. Maybe even those readers, who have an idea about me, wouldn’t think of my exact goal for that time.

As you could have guessed, everything started in Dallas, when I accidentally went online in a Fort Worth video chat room. Well, it happens a lot – they just had a list of Texas rooms and I misplaced the mouse arrow – whatever, chatting is only chatting.

So, sitting in a roulette video chat Fort Worth room, I stumbled upon a gorgeous cowgirl. Such an irony, eh? A cowgirl in Texas. Anyway, we started talking and in a few minutes I already knew that there was a National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth! The girl, named Sandra-Lee said she was performing for some celebration there in a few days, that’s why she was wearing cowgirl attire. I turned on my lust for adventure and told her that I’d just love to go see her perform!

Long story short – I changed my flight from Dallas and bought the tickets for Trinity Railway Express to Fort Worth and back. Sandra-Lee met me on the station and asked me to take her on a date to the zoo. Well, a date it is and zoo it is! I seriously didn’t expect such a turn, neither from Sandra-Lee, nor from Fort Worth zoo! Wow, it’s so rich in different species… Did you know it’s one of the best in the whole USA? We also enjoyed delicious fried bananas and coffee in a café there and I didn’t even feel the time fly by – it was already getting late. The problem was, I didn’t even think of a place to live yet. Sandra-Lee suggested a Motel she always sees when going to the Museum for rehearsals, so that’s where I went. I mean “we went”.

In the morning I could attend the rehearsal of the performance Sandra-Lee took part in. That’s something I would expect of Texas, I’m telling you. Another week there and I would buy myself a bowie knife (which I did, eventually – but that’s another story), a cowboy hat, a belt longhorn buckle and spurs.

I don’t think that my vocabulary is enough to portray what those cowgirls did. Apart from the performance, there was some kind of a competition, where Sandra-Lee even got some small prize. One thing is for sure – I’m in love with Texas now. What started with a video chat en Fort Worth has become a passion for this “wild west” spirit.Have you seen the T-bone steaks they cook? I mean, I can do better, but I was taught to! These guys don’t even look at proportions, temperature or whatever. The steak must be huge, juicy and spicy – that’s what they think. I probably surprised Sandra Lee a little bit by eating a whole bottle of classic Tabasco sauce with my steak. Yum.