My life in Houston chat rooms

Naah, of course I didn’t live in a Houston chat room. I just had to work in Houston for half a year and considering my love towards online webcam chatting, I don’t remember a day without an hour spent in a video chat en Houston. At first it was just something I do to rest and communicate with new people, but this time I fell victim of a gag, which still freaks me out sometimes.

It all began one night when I couldn’t sleep. Went online and chose one of the chat rooms Houston has populated at night. I just joined a conversation between two guys sitting together and some girl. There I saw that one of them took a gun and threatened to kill the other one if the girl doesn’t take off her clothes in front of the camera. First we laughed, thinking it’s all a good joke, but then the guy shot his friend, looked at the place the body must have fallen, started screaming and ran away.

As some of you may know, I have a habit of recording my webcam chatting sessions. Who knows when something worth remembering will come up? Remember the story about a kid who thought he’s so smart, before I showed a CD with the video to his mother.

Anyway, I had to report this to the police and sent the record on their e-mail. The next day I was called by an officer called Kelly, who said the guys were found and everything was okay – just a gag they wanted to play on someone. Can you imagine it? A gag in Houston video chat room… Anyway I felt relatively guilty for not seeing the fact that they were shooting a replica gun with gunpowder pistons. Well, I’m not a weapons specialist – I’m a cuisine specialist. Officer Kelly said I wasn’t guilty in anything at all, but I insisted (already having found her Facebook profile) on making up for all the trouble I caused and took her to my restaurant. Afterwards we went to see “The Dark Knight Returns”or something like that. Now Kelly calls me Batman because my apron and chef’s hat all black. Funny women, those police officers, eh? Though, if she reads this, I’ll probably get “penalized”…Heh-heh.

Can you see what technology has come to? Something that we’d call science fiction 50 years ago is now the means to make fun of people. Though, if I tried to sleep and never went to chat Houston room that night – there would be fewer problems for the police.

Today I live in New York, therefore talking to Kelly in a video chat Houston room. She still says it’s great to have vigilant citizens, because Houston is still quite a criminal city with a high murder rate. I always advise travelers to be cautious and careful during their trips and meet some normal local people who would show you around. That’s just what webcam online chatting gives me.