As always – Indianapolis singles chat gave me Indy 500!

I never thought I’d be interested, but having read about it, I must say Indy 500 is an interesting event. 500 miles of race, lap after lap, hour after hour. What wouldn’t surprise you much is the fact that I went to Indy 500 on Memorial Day because of two reasons – a girl and food!

The story so far:

A friend of mine mentioned that his brother ate something called “Tabasco chicken sticks”, “Tabasco beef sticks” and “Tabasco pork sticks” when he went to see Indy 500. Of course, I could just google the recipe and make them myself, but it wouldn’t be me, right? I checked out what Indy 500 was and decided that it’s something I’d like to see. At the same time, I went online to one of the Indianapolis chat rooms and started looking for someone to accompany me to the race. It was just the beginning of February, so I had plenty of time.

Anyway, this time I spent lots of time cam chatting in the video chat Indianapolis room, before I found Lu-Kin, a half-Chinese student girl from the Old North side of the city. We started our conversation with culture – that’s how I learned about Beef and Boards Dinner Theater, which I also wanted to attend. Lu also confirmed that they sold “Tabasco chicken sticks”, “Tabasco beef sticks” and “Tabasco pork sticks” at the Indy 500 event last year. I said I’d like to come to her city and asked Lu to be my guide, as always though. She found it funny that a chef from a “fancy restaurant” would be interested in junk food, so I had to admit my sincere love for Tabasco sauces. We enjoyed chatting half a month in a chat Indianapolis room, then time came for me to depart.

Long story short – I got on a flight to Indianapolis and there I was, in Indianapolis International Airport, looking for coffee. Lu met me in the College park, so we could go to Beef and Boards Dinner Theater. I’m not sure what was better – the play or the food, but I wasn’t at all disappointed. All in all, it’s not a “fancy restaurant”.

As for Indy 500…wow. I mean – the “sticks” were WOW (I had no idea that deep fried meat with hot sauce and spice could give such an effect), while the race was just wow. 200 laps are a lot to sit and watch attentively for me, but Lu seemed to enjoy them all like the first one.

Now, look at this – I met a half-Chinese girl from another city in Indianapolis video chat room. Took her to a theater and a race, tried something new in terms of cuisine. That’s what I call adventure, and it all started with video chat en Indianapolis. Try online webcam chatting yourself – it may be a start for you!