Arrr! – chat Jacksonville room

A few years ago, I had to attend an international conference for chefs and cuisine historians. The matter wasn’t that serious, if you think, but the local authorities rented a golf club for the event, so why wouldn’t I go to a new place?

The problem was in the theme – it appeared to be a closed XVII-XVIII century costume and cuisine party. I surely needed someone to back me up on that. I went online in a Jacksonville video chat room and started looking for people from the LARP and Renaissance Fair circles. Those guys would surely know where to get an authentic costume. Besides, I had no idea which part of the given time periodI like the most. I mean, I could go as a pirate and shout “Arrrr!” all the time. What am I thinking? I am going as a pirate!

Anyway, this video chat Jacksonville room was full of people, but only one lady with the needed information. She said there was a reenactment shop somewhere in the downtown and I got her interested in the event as well, though she was just a bartender, who came through some “Work and Travel” program from Russia. Her name was Tamara and she admitted her interest in LARP and historical reenactment.

In a few weeks I was already choosing the costumes with Tamara, hand in hand. The pirate stuff looked like it was taken from someone in a fight, but we looked really great. The next day, during the party itself, we had fun, running around like madmen, trying to “rob” some “princes”, “trappers” and “musketeers”. We weren’t the only pirates around, so in the end, we managed a crew and “commandeered” a boat. Seriously, who thought of such a “conference”? Listening to lectures and reports while wearing funny costumes is almost impossible, I’m telling you.

As the party ended, we took all the “pirate people” and went to a nearby pub without changing the costumes. That’s exactly where all the fun started! Tamara revealed quite a beautiful singing voice, and, being a bartender herself, could easily explain the owner that everything’s alright and those crazy looking pirate guys are just chefs from an International conference. I don’t really remember who started a game of Limbo, but we played till 4 o’clock in the morning!

The cab driver was also surprised by being “boarded” with a couple of drunk pirates. I also had to remember where I stayed. In the end all went well and we went to my place to sleep till midday!

Now, check this out. I would never find the right place to buy the costumes just looking for it in the internet. But a video chat en Jacksonville connected me with Tamara and we got along well. I’m telling you – this webcam chatting is not like online gaming. It makes the world go round! You should definitely start doing it yourself – get a come, come online and meet people so different that you’d surely be amazed.