From Memphis video chat room, to the land of Rock’N’Roll!

I just love Memphis that’s in Tennessee. How can one not? It’s the cradle of Country, Blues andRock’N’Roll, a second birthplace of such legends as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and others. The city is a place of worship for any person with musical taste, besides, it holds musical festivals and other celebrations almost all year long. Memphis shows off the American musical tendencies that influence the whole world greatly.

When I got the idea of visiting this wonderful city and making a kind of musical pilgrimage, I was already online, webcam chatting in a chat Memphis room. Every local I had spoken to said that it’s totally normal for someone who appreciates American music to go to Memphis just for the spirit. Among others, I met a guy named Gus, who was a blues musician. He played the harmonica in a small band. He said they were going to rehearse for the festival, playing in a bar somewhere on Beale Street.

As you can guess, I didn’t have to think twice, booked myself a flight to Memphis, Tennessee and there I was, taking a cab to the world’s capital of Blues. Don’t really remember the name of the bar, but I recall them serving some really bad onion rings, but perfect chilisausages. Anyway, Gus had quite a good Blues band called “Ivan Blues Band” for some reason. Enjoyed every bit of the performance they called rehearsal. In the night I had some time for the video chat Memphis room, where I met Gus again. Not sure why that guy is webcam chatting all the time, but I’m sure he has some reasons.

Next evening the “Ivans” rehearsed at the same bar and I had a chance to meet a very pretty girl called Jenny, or Jeannie, no idea. She reminded me of all those songs by Eddie Cochran and Little Richard, so we danced a little bit and went for a walk at the heart of the world’s Blues.

In the morning we had breakfast in my Hotel’s café, where they served pancakes with more than twenty kinds of syrup. It’s not much of a thing, but most of such places usually have not more than eight flavors for their coffee, pancakes, desserts or wafers. It seemed weird at first, but then again – I wasn’t working at that time, so what I did was enjoy the conversation with Jenny, a big fan of Rock’N’Roll. She looked like she came out of a pinup art drawing or fell out of the time machine. Even her cigarette pack was metal – real thing from the 50’s. We spent all the festival together, being totally sure we’ll never meet again. And then…guess what? I met her in a video chat en Memphis a few months after that! All this cam chatting is really magical – that’s for sure.