Getting big apples in the New York chat

I’ve lived in New York for a few years in whole. Can’t say anything good or bad about this huge city. We’ve got eleven restaurants there, including one extremely high up in the sky (hah, I’m constantly giving hints, but of thousands that read my stories, only about fifty people have already guessed who I am and where I cook my gastronomic masterpieces).

When I first came to the Big Apple, my name was all around the downtowncity-lights and billboards. Thank God it wasn’t my face, because New-Yorkers would have eaten me “with lima beans and anice chianti”… Those hipsters just hate snobbish classic and expensive cuisine, Back then, I thought that webcam chatting is the same everywhere. Believe me, I was wrong. If you come to a New York chat room, you’d be astonished. It seems that every person up for some online cam chatting with Americans goes to New York chat rooms! Like they don’t know any other cities. Believe me – they do – especially those Europeans, extremely smart guys out there.

Why would all the people around the world prefer chat New York rooms to any others? Have you ever heard the way people call the city a “melting pot”? One can meet just any kind of people in New York – that’s exactly why everyone prefers cam chatting in New York City chat.

Let me refresh my own memory… I must have met someone important in a New York video chat room. Ah, got it! I met Mr. Rokuro, a chef from a peculiar Japanese cuisine restaurant. Mr. Rokuro bought a few collectible knives before leaving for Japan (he taught our guys to cut fugu fish, but I’m not sure they would ever have the balls to do it.) and got stopped by the customs officers. Even in the baggage compartment, he couldn’t take one of those blades with him. Actually I could very well understand why the officers had stopped him. The blade was a real wakizashi! So, he had a few hours till his flight and went online in a webcam chat en New York. He showed me the blade and I took the cab instantly. Bought the wakizashi from Mr. Rokuro for three secret recipes from my own collection.Now, I’ve got a blade of American manufacture – great for chopping salad. I’ve always said I’m quite good with knives. Some of my readers suggested I was a burglar, a thief, a special forces operative or even a terrorist (kaboom-kaboom!). That’s when I decided to admit I was a really good and somewhat famous chef…

This is just as simple story, but hey… I got myself a Japanese sword (okay, an American one, but approved by a Japanese chef!) without moving a muscle. All thanks to a video chat en New York. I can’t understand why people still don’t do it. I’ve posted so many stories that began with webcam chatting online and ended with a real adventure! They may not involve travelling at all – a New-Yorker may enter a video chat New York room and meet someone totally unexpected.