All the fun in San Antonio chat

I worked in San Antonio twice – in 2005 and in 2008. Those were the times when I learned a lot about making delicious sauces and gravies. Did you know that Dakota Brooke lived there? Hmm. Do you know who Dakota Brooke is? Alright…

Dakota Brooke is a pleasant old lady of 79 (hah, I’m not going to say I found her in video chat San Antonio room, but close), who had worked in the kitchen since World War 2. She’s one of the most qualified practical cuisine cooks I’ve ever met. That doesn’t mean she knows how to make fancy dishes for “His Royal Majesty”, but she can serve a company of hungry soldiers for 150 dollars’ worth of food. That’s what they call practical cuisine – not some duck liver with basil and orange sauce for $61, but a wholesome and delicious meal that your grandma can make. Anyway, before going, I went online in a video chat San Antonioroom.

I met Dakota Brooke with the help of her granddaughter – Annabelle, whom I met while cam chatting in San Antonio singles chat just before going there. We discussed music a lot and understood that our taste in art is quite the same. By that time I didn’t have so much love for Texas that I got now, so I thought there were only Country-loving rednecks. First Annabelle, than lots of other people and, of course, my trips to Texan cities, made me change my mind a lot. So, I met Annabelle in San Antonio video chat room, discussed art with her and there I was – flying there to work.

I found myself in Stinson Municipal Airport, looking at a sign that said “Texas Air Museum”. It was Saturday, working hours, so I decided to have a look. Now I just love airplanes, especially those of the WWI and WWII era. The first remind me of old times and cold weapons. If you think, those bi-planes and tri-planes were almost like a weapon in your hand, crude, cumbersome, but deadly. It was really difficult to pilot them, not to mention scoring a hit with those old machine guns. The latter – WWII planes, remind me of power show-off. The way they look says “Come at me, bro!”. Just look at P-47 and P-51… Look at the Soviet Il-2 – the invincible warplane of the Red Army. I think I’m going to start collecting models – like the ones I saw at one guy’s place I one of San Antonio chat rooms, while webcam chatting (by the way, that one went online in video chat en San Antonio completely by accident!).

Anyway, I met Annabelle the same evening for a cup glass of wine. She admitted that she loved that museum too, so we discussed aircrafts for hours. Then she said her grandma was a cook in the army, during the Korean War and she’s still a chef. I decided to meet her, because old people tend to tell a lot of interesting stories. Now that I knew she was a cook, I had a great time listening to her.