Does no one “normal”chat in San Diego?

Have you ever heard of the San Diego Sports Curse? One about the fact that the city could never win a single major National Sports Trophy. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but what I believe in is the San Diego webcam chatting curse. What that is? Haunted chat San Diego rooms… Just kidding, but it really looked like that for some time. Guess what got me to San Diego. Work?Naaaah.

I went to San Diego to be present at my good friend’s wedding! Besides, I promised him to arrange a luxury feast.James wanted a “renaissance wedding”, so arriving in the city I already knew where to go. Through San Diego chat I met a lot of LARP people who could help me with everything. There was this woman nicknamedSakura, who had a team of fireshow dancers. What an idea for a renaissance wedding feast! I also managed to find a costume workshop to order medieval servant clothing for the waitresses.

Now, have you ever seen a tomb? Well, what I saw in one of chat rooms San Diego offered was a dark tomb where a pale girl resided. Everything looked so natural that for a moment I forgot I was looking for people with crazy interests and thought some ghost was webcam chatting online with me. Anyway, that was a gothic lady called Anastasia. Not sure if it was a name or a nickname. Apparently, she was a fencing reenactment specialist and played in a troupe.

All in all, what I had prepared was a real feast, with a huge roasted boar, torches, firedancing show and knights tournament. Supervising everything, often from my hotel through San Diego video chat room, I was quite happy to see that everything went according to the plan.

A few days before the wedding itself, I went to see he performances those guys would show, and wow, now I’m so fond of fencing reenactment and firedancing. Someday, when cooking ideas will ditch me, I’ll make a show out of cuisine with the help of cold weapons and fire – I’m telling you!

Now imagine this – bride and groom, sitting at the grand table as the king as the queen. Servants running around, serving historical dishes and wine, a couple of “knights” bashing each other with swords, axes, flails and mauls “in the name of the King!”. Between the fights, a group of “tribal kin” danced their war dances, swinging flaming objects. A medieval band played really cool music, adding to the atmosphere. All thanks to me and video chat en San Diego.

James was just overwhelmed with everything, the wedding came out perfectly. The manager even tried to get my contacts, because she thought all those guys were at my disposal. Heh…nope, just friends whom I met in video chat San Diego room.