If you’re online in chat San Francisco…

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, right? This hippy song really shows us the soul of Frisco, with all the “gentle people there”. I had a chance to feel it even more than I wanted! In the year 2009, I had to work in San Francisco for half a year, as always. Before that I never had any opinion on the city – neither good, nor bad one. Now I can positively say that I hope I’m not going back.

It all started like my other trips do – in a San Francisco video chat room. I met quite a lot of pleasant people and remembered that old song “If you’re going to San Francisco”. Lots of guys offered me a place to live and their company while sightseeing. Well, I thought, the song states clearly, that I’m going to meet some gentle people there. I should have taken a hint. All in all, I chose Johnny, Laszlo, Mikey and Alice from San Francisco chat as people I’d like to meet in Frisco.

Laszlo caught me in San Francisco International Airport to give me a ride. After telling me a few things about his city, most of which I knew before due to lots of video chat San Francisco room conversations. He also said he’d always been fond of meeting people in person, not chatting online, even with a cam. Laszlo offered me to spend the evening in a bar, I agreed, because I had the time and wanted to celebrate my arrival. When Laszlo got drunk, he started hugging me, which was almost TOO friendly. Gosh, how silly I was…until the guy said he wanted me to “break into his Alcatraz and set him free”…


Of course, I explained Laszlo that I’m straight as hell and left faster than a bullet. My thoughts were like “Johnny and Mikey? Not a chance!”, so I refrained from contacting them. I still had to meet Alice, hoping she wasn’t “gentle” too. Don’t get me wrong, I thing everyone should be tolerant, but that guy made me feel horrible.

Alice, appeared to be a “real” person and I still thank the Heavens for that. If it wasn’t for her, I’d surely get out of Frisco as soon as I would be able to. She explained that Laszlo could easily confuse my politeness and friendly attitude with romantic feelings. As a result, all the time I spent in Frisco came by like if I was working in a bomb defusing team. One move – and some Laszlo thinks you like him. The video chat en San Francisco did set me up, but, of course no one was really guilty. I couldn’t see that those guys were most probably gay. So, hear this – if you’re going to San Francisco, be sure not to show any kind of affection to the people of the same sex.