Damn be that San Jose chat!

Why? Because I had no chance to see the city itself! You might think I just sat online, webcam chatting 24/7 and you’d be wrong. The thing was – those San Jose video chat room “dwellers” recognized me! It sometimes happens…and when it does – a party is organized. They usually say – “Hey buddy, you’re going freaking cross-country all the time. Will you reject our invitation???”. What I say is “When and where?”

These guys didn’t even trick me into cooking BBQ or anything, they just organized a perfect booze party…for a week! All I remembered was the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, a cab and…phew.

I must say, when I was getting around the people from video chat San Jose room,I already had a plan of the places to visit there. The San Jose Flea Market, the Winchester Mystery House, RosicrucianEgyptian Museum… Well, will probably have to go there again, because what I saw was tequila and nachos! Don’t get me wrong, guys – everything was perfect. Especially the time when we went to the movies – all 24 (27?) of us. Does anyone remember what exactly we were trying to watch? Heh-heh.

Someone may think it’s not normal t accept some strangers’ invitation for a party thousands of miles away. I say – why not? What I did was enter the chat San Jose room, as I always do when planning on a trip. Remember the abovementioned list of things I wanted to see? Well I still want to.

The funniest thing was the way I bought a bowie knife from an expert knife-fighter and Special Forces instructor named Samuel. Being a bit tipsy, we started an argument about meat cutting. The whole bunch of us had to visit a butcher store and buy two almost identical lumps of beef. The one to make aburrito first would be the winner. I had my Russian folding knife with me, while Samuel used his bowie. You should have seen his face when I started flaying the lump at an enormous speed. As a winner I asked him to set a price for his knife. It was fair – if he didn’t want to sell it, he’d just ask for a ridiculously huge amount of money. Well, I bought it for $200 and the burrito I made eventually.

This is not a story of an enriching and productive trip after looking for friends in video chat en San Jose. Online webcam chatting can surely throw you into a whirl of adventure, but be careful with wasting your own time. I wouldn’t imply that partying for a week is a waste of time, but while I can make my students do a part of my job and leave the restaurant for a week, you may lack such ability. Just don’t’ lose the common sense everything will be alright. I will surely go to San Jose again, to see all those peculiarities. Besides, I’ve got a number of friends ready to accompany me there any time!